December Editorial

CRAZED! December 2016 Dec 1, 2016 Issue
December Editorial

Christmas Bah Humbug

By Annette Sugden

It’s December...

I can’t get into the holidays at all this year. Last year my holiday tree was out and my window was lit up and decorated. This year I can’t get into the excitement and joy of decorating and have zero anticipation for the coming holidays at all. I have personal reasons which I will write about in another essay, plus like a lot of liberals, I’m still depressed about the results of the U.S. Presidential election. Still, CRAZED! must go on regardless of whether I have the Christmas blahs or not. In fact the ‘zine finally has it’s own domain here at

This Month in CRAZED!

In the December issues we’ll have articles that the election pushed forward, including the promised reviews of the novel, HEX contrasted with the film Witch, and my review of Ellyn and Robbie’s new album, Skywriting with Glitter. I’ll also continue my multi part personal essay series on abuse and addiction, and there will be content from at least one other writer besides me. This last is super exciting because without other contributors to CRAZED!, the ‘zine would just be my blog and just my point of view. That’s not what I envisioned for it at all. In fact I expect the magazine to take shape and evolve as more CRAZED! voices besides my own influence it.

This Week in CRAZED!

The first week of December is another light week. However we have a wonderful piece by Los Angeles writer, Marie Lecrivain and this editorial. I realize it’s another light week, but that seems to be how things are going as CRAZED! goes from being a project to a full fledged weekly online magazine.

Next Week in CRAZED!

Next week will be a fuller issue with three articles, including two reviews. For now enjoy Marie’s excellent piece!
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