CRAZED! Call For Queries & Submissions October/November 2016
CRAZED! Wants You:
Pitch Us Your Content Ideas and Send Us Well Written Content

Mixed Media Collage by Annette Sugden


Crazed! is an online lifestyle, film, arts, and entertainment zine that evolved from various incarnations of Annette Sugden's personal blog. Now Annette wants to make CRAZED! into a magazine and invite other voices to contribute content that is in line with the scope and tone of the publication.
CRAZED! is devoted to promoting voices and content that are authentic. It's primary bent is liberal and feminist although we might accept alternative viewpoints if they are respectful of ours, and don't promote hatred or violence. We publish serious content and entertaining or comedic content. CRAZED! isn't a news site, but an opinion, life style, and arts and entertainment magazine. However, we do not write or publish "fake news." All articles that refer to current events or other articles from other publications must be fact checked with included links to reputable sources. All satire must be labeled as such and be clearly comedic.
CRAZED! mostly publishes non-fiction content, but we will publish short fiction and poetry occasionally. Please keep in mind the tone and scope of CRAZED! when choosing what to submit.

What CRAZED! Wants

Crazed! accepts submissions including Op-Ed pieces, feature articles, profiles, reviews, interviews, short fiction, poetry, and personal essays. Submissions should be between 700 and 1500 words and may or may not include images. We prefer pieces that are no longer than 1000 words, but will consider longer works and works that could be split into 2-3 parts of no more than 1000 words each. The maximum number of pieces per submission is three. Submissions that violate these requirements will not be considered. Although you can try resubmitting again in separate emails 30 days after the original submission. No simultaneous submissions as well, please.
We are also always looking for material to review and people to interview
If you have a book, film or event you want reviewed and/or are promoting we want to hear from you or your publicist.
We are also always looking for great ideas for content. Please send queries of ideas for articles you'd like to write for us. If we like your idea, then we'll give you a deadline.

What CRAZED! Can Give You

Right now CRAZED! earns zero revenue and is advertisement free. As such we can't pay anybody for content. We will never charge anybody to submit or be published in CRAZED! You will get practice writing for a publication and publication credits that you can add to your resume and portfolio. We encourage you to share links via social media and email to your articles on CRAZED! and to CRAZED! because it will increase your number of readers and also get more subscribers for CRAZED! which will gain you and your work more exposure.
You retain copyright to your work. We do ask that if you republish a piece that originally appeared in CRAZED! that you cite us and link to the original article. Also if a piece you submit to us has previously been published elsewhere that you cite the original publication and link to the original article. Again, please no simultaneous submissions.

How To Contact CRAZED!

My mom, Susan Reinke

CRAZED! accepts submissions of essays, articles, reviews, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. We are also always looking for people to interview and material to review. Send queries to Annette Sugden at: Keep in mind the tone and scope of CRAZED! when you submit. It's suggested that people read all past CRAZED! posts before composing their queries.

Please subscribe to CRAZED!, comment below and share links to your favorite CRAZED! content on social media. Thanks!

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