What Does It Feel Like to Be Crazy?

"We've all been crazy lately. My friends are there, rolling 'round the basement floor." --Elton John

Why is this blog called Crazed? What does it feel like to be crazy anyway? Am I crazy? Are you crazy? 

Salvador Dali's The Persistence of Memory

Lately it feels like the whole world is crazy. I've been called crazy by other people, usually because they're being abusive or mean and gaslighting me in some way. Full disclosure: I do have anxiety, depression and PTSD. But is that crazy? I'm not sure. Plus it's not the reason for the blog.

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I call this site Crazed! because besides being my forum for some of my personal essays and other writing, I want it to be a place to showcase the talents of others too. I want it to be a place where I can write about arts and entertainment
 that's by and/or about other interesting people, other people who are fearless, who are original, who are "crazed."

Photo of author/poet Janet Frame with quote.

I am owning my crazy and re-terming
 it crazed. I view the term crazed
 to be the good kind of crazy. Being crazed means being yourself, being authentic, being honest, being free no matter what others say. 

Most of us who are crazed have had people tell us we can't do or we can't be whatever it is we are doing or being. Some of us became successful in spite of them. Some of us are still working at it.

 Artist Camille Claudel

In the coming weeks, I hope to be posting interviews, reviews and articles featuring other people who are doing and creating things their way, who fit the Crazed! brand. 

I don't know what it feels like to be crazy. But I am crazed. If you are too, welcome. If you aren't, well why not? What are you afraid of?

Me as a child on my favorite toy.