Clarifying Diplomacy and Falling Off the social media wagon

Last week I wrote a piece on thinking before I post on Facebook, being diplomatic both in person and on social media, and how most of the time there's no point getting into a discussion with people who hold opposite views on religion and/or politics because of cognitive dissonance.

First I want to clarify the point about not speaking up, or out about controversial topics with certain types of people and/or on social media. There are circumstances where no matter the personal sacrifice one risks in speaking up of posting online, one must. In my view, the circumstances involve speaking up include the following: abuse, sexual assault, and sexual harassment, as well as any manipulation along those lines, human rights abuses, the welfare and best interests of children, racism, sexism, and all other forms of discrimination. I did briefly state towards the end about exceptions, but wasn't completely clear.

Second, I have to confess that I've fallen off the social media wagon over the last week, and have both shared political posts, which I said I was not going to do anymore, and spent lots of time again on Facebook. In my defense, I was ill and in the hospital part of last week for a heart attack false alarm (thank God). 

I'm working hard at getting back to studying consistently for the Foreign Service Officer Test, and at not posting status updates on social media. I have put in a lot of work on episode 2 of the vlog, and hopefully it will be on my YouTube channel in 2 weeks.

The next blog entry will be about the film "Frank." It should be uploaded here within the next week.