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Conducting a Job Search in the Age of Branding

Branding "you're a fine girl..." So recently I decided it was finally time to change careers. I'm in my 40's, and no longer happy at work. I'd become burned out and began to question whether I was anywhere close to what my original goals and dreams had been when I was in college and my 20's. The answer was a big NO! Me circa 1988. Copyright:Annette Sugden Back in what now feels like the ancient past, I was an aspiring writer, artist, filmmaker, actor with an interest in advertising and marketing as a related back up career. By my late 20's, I'd worked in independent film and on a couple "Hollywood" projects. I'd written my first freelance article for a now long dead magazine, and an art gallery had shown some possible interest in some of my art work. My day job was as a project administrator at a large San Franchsco architecture firm. Me circa 1997. I'm bottom row, in the middle. Copyright: Annette Sugden It was

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